Unissi Offers Modular surgical comprehensive solution, which combines intelligent and highly- complex surgical workflows with the best technical equipment.

Why there is a need for Modular operation theatres?

Sterility – Infection free Zone

  1. Bacteria count less that 10 carrying particles per m3 through state of the art laminar airflow system with air purity of 99.99%
  2. Non- porous, Seamless, easily cleanable surfaces to prevent the build up of contaminants.
  3. Reduction in the need or repetitive fumigation of MOT’s.

Work Flow management – Surgery under controlled conditions

  1. Concealed Wiring and Medical pipeline system
  2. All equipment mounted on ceiling suspended pendant units.
  3. Complete clean- floor area leading to enhanced equipment and personal movement.

Aesthetics “ Pleasing work environment”

  1. Effective lighting by maintaining LUX levels though OT Light, Plannair and peripheral lights in the OT.
  2. Clean air quality and effective ventalation in the OT.
  3. Pleasing work environment through the use of different wall and floor colors.
  4. Strong attraction value for top Doctors/ Surgeons.


Key Element of Modular Operations Theater Offered by Unissi

Key Element of Modular Operations Theater Offered by Unissi

1. Wall & Ceiling Panels

Unissi offers WIDE RANGE OF Wall & Ceiling panel from India or Imported from Europe. We use the following technologies based on the customer requirements:

  1. Puff injected panels 50mm thick with .8mm GI/SS sheet both sides with antibacterial paint coating of 400 microns.
  2. Corian / Solid Mineral Surface


Impact Resistance Excellent Good
Joint less / Seamless Finish Of Wall Yes Yes
Anti-Bacterial / Micro organisms Growth Excellent Good
Resistance To Solvents & Chemicals Excellent Excellent
Corrosion Protection/ Porosity Excellent Excellent
Delaminating Of Panels/ Cracking NO YES
Time Saving Excellent Poor
Thermal Insulation Excellent Average
Tested Performance under Indian conditions YES


2. Laminar Air Flow

Laminar airflow is designed to move particle free air over the aseptic operating field in one direction. It can be designed to flow vertically or horizontally and is usually combined with high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters. HEPA filters remove particles > 0.3 micron in diameter with an efficiency of 99.97%.

Features :

a) Control the temperature and humidity of the space.

b) Assist in the removal and dilution of waste anesthetic gases.

c) Dilute airborne bacterial contamination


d) Control the movement of air within the department, such that the transfer of airborne bacteria from clean to sterile areas is minimized

Exponential airflow system :

3. Antibacterial Coating

The Premier coating System, actively kills bacteria and fungus.

Advantages :
a) Seamless and easy to clean
b) Can be steam cleaned
c) Chemical resistant
d) Hard wearing – will withstand aggressive cleaning regimes

Flooring (Vinyl / Epoxy)

Unissi Offers both Vinyl as well as Epoxy flooring to meet the customer requirements.

Electrostatic conductive vinyl covering High resistance against chemical & mechanical strains Homogeneous installation at wall connections

In facilities where constant heavy loads and high traffic are the norm, epoxies are the recommended flooring

Hermetically sealed doors

Hermetically sealed doors are installed in the Modular operation theatres to control the Contamination risks in the room and disinfection is quicker.

It also helps in maintaining positive pressure in the OT.

There are different types of Hermetical doors, there are listed as under:

Sliding hermetic door – Various sizes available from 1500 to 2100 mm as per the client requirement with view window with inbuilt or without venetian blinds.

Swing Hermetic Door – The leaf is sealed along the sides and at the top to guarantee hermetic sealing. At the bottom, it is equipped with a wind stopper which drops down towards the floor, to ensure perfect sealing Doors for X-ray rooms – Our lead lined automatic doors for x-ray rooms guarantee effective isolation thanks to the lead laminate inserts both on the door and on the vision panel. Available as normal or hermetic doors depending on the requirements of the area.

Clear View Doors – Sliding Hermetic sealed doors with clear view doors as they offer excellent visibility of areas whilst maintaining the hermetic seal.

Unissi offers both Indian as well as Imported (from Europe) doors complying to international standards

Ceiling mounted Pendants

Unissi offers both Single or double arm ceiling mounted Anaesthesia and Surgeon pendants.

We supply motorized & Non-motorized pendants with electromagnetic / pneumatic breaks which allows equipment to be located at point of use for easy access to the doctor.

Our range of pendants is extensive to suit all needs

Features :

  1. Long Working
  2. Superior Quality
  3. Elegant Design

OT Control Panel ( Touch Screen / Membrane Type)

Individually designed and customized for each hospital project. It is equipped with Digital Display, temperature & humidity controller, local standard time, operation time, Anaesthesia time and all medical gases alarm systems.

Membrane Type Control Panel :


Touch screen control Panel :

OT Control Panel ( Touch Screen Membrane Type)

X-Ray Viweing Screen

  1. Twin Plate X-Ray viewing Screen
  2. High frequency fluorescent lamps controlled by dimming balasts.
  3. Control Luminance without Flicker
  4. Uniform level of Illumination across the entire front panel.
  5. Sealed flush with the inside face of the operating theatre wall.

X-Ray Viweing Screen

Pressure Release Dampers

  1. The Multi-Bladed (SS-304) unit is designed to control OT Room air pressures.
  2. The unit comprises of Carbon Steel housing with SS-304 Stainless steel blades.
  3. The balancing is carried out utilizing the balance weight assembly.
  4. Offered PRD is accurate to a range of 1 pascal over their working range of 5-35 pa.

Hatch Box

Hatch Box is used for the removal of OT waste. Each hatch box is equipped with two doors that operate automatically. It is designed in such a way that only one door is open at a time.