Non-cryogenic processes

Pressure swing adsorption provides the separation of oxygen or nitrogen from the air without liquefaction. The process operates around ambient temperature; a zeolite (molecular sponge) is exposed to high-pressure air, then the air is released and an adsorbed film of the desired gas is released. The size of the compressor is much reduced over a liquefaction plant, and portable oxygen concentrators are made in this manner to provide oxygen-enriched air for medical purposes. Vacuum swing adsorption is a similar process; the product gas is evolved from the zeolite at sub-atmospheric pressure.




Nitrogen Generator (PSA & Membrane Type)

If you are looking for a large capacity nitrogen generation package, and footprint is critical, our frame-mounted N2 generators are quite simply best value for money. The system is plug-and-play and the design is well-proven with well over one hundred installations around the globe.


  1. Higher quality materials
  2. Lower energy consumption
  3. Shorter lead time
  4. Longer N2 generator lifetime

High capacity nitrogen membrane-type meets the needs of large-volume users. Including manufacturers of steel, food, wastewater treatments, glass, textiles, and pharmaceuticals, as well as oil and gas production.



Engineered for fast installation, high-flow nitrogen equipment is designed by UNISSI to minimize your electrical power consumption. Low maintenance and easy to operate, these nitrogen systems from UNISSI are ideal for a wide range of applications, with significant operational savings.

Weather-proofed self-contained membrane systems are a way of producing a ready-made solution to hold the nitrogen at a lower cost than engineering, designing, and building a structure to hold the PSA and compressor skid.

Operating pressures up to 7 bar (100 PSIG) are normal, to achieve higher pressure up to 24 Bar (350 PSIG), features of the skid-mounted system, is easily transported and provides convenient access for maintenance. Models are available to supply high-volume requirements of up to 5,000 M³/hr (170,000 SCFH with a range of purities of up to 99.9%).

UNISSI supplies a wide range of desiccant air dryers, ideal for pipeline maintenance and other offshore industries.