PSA Biogas Upgrading and Purification units are designed for the biomethane generation from biogas.

The pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology employs the basic principle of gas separation at ambient temperatures by using carbon molecular sieve (CMS; a material that adsorbs carbon dioxide to leave a rich stream of biomethane).

UNISSI biogas upgrading plants are based on pressure swing adsorption technology for capacities from about 500 to 5000 Nm³/h. 

Plant features of the BIOSWING biomethane generation plant:

• High methane recovery and product purity

• Low energy demand

• Fast start-up, fully automatic and unattended operation

• Automatic adjustment to biogas quality

• Remote control

• Containerized units

• High availability and reliability

• Design for long lifetime

Plan Data:

Feedstock : Biogas / Iandfill gas
Upgrading capacity     :      500 to 5000 Nm3/Hr.
CH4 recovery rate : up to 98%
Pressure* : 4 – 7 bar (abs)
* At exit bio methane generation plant; higher pressures on demand.


a3_PSA Biogas and Upgrading System_2
a3_PSA Biogas and Upgrading System_3